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Definitely Dubai

Dubai is every bit fascinating with its energy, positivity and receptivity towards tourists from all parts of the world. The astounding variety of the authentic global cuisines is exhilarating for every foodie who comes here. Further, Dubai completely spoils you for a choice when it comes to shopping making the activity more people pleasing. It is one of those few cities that is constantly in a flux and it has always been overwhelming to see it mature and grow as a city and more so as a society.

While Emiratis constitute only a minuscule population, Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the hustling centers calmly shared by the traditions, cultures and values from every corner of the world. This assortment is well depicted in the art, landscape, music, fashion and performance. Despite rooted deep in the Islamic culture, the society is open and welcoming where the visitors and the newcomers have an easy chance to connect with an array of experiences be it dancing on the beach, eating like a Bedouin, shopping for souvenirs or carrying out activities like riding a camel in the dessert.

After dark, Dubai usually seems like a city with the lotus eaters who are always on a lookout for a blow out. The transmuting nightlife or party spectrum well caters for every age group, budget and taste. Right from the sizzling beach clubs to the glittering dance temples, concerts under the sky, flawless rooftop

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